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Join us for Summer 2022!

Here at NYC Kids Camps, the west village along the Hudson River serves as our own personal playground. Our campers experience something new and exhilarating every day. We cannot wait to have fun with you this summer.

By combining both indoor and outdoor classrooms, our campers get a robust experience unlike any other. From big messy art, hands on science projects, theater, music, sports, and outdoor activities, our campers do it all. Plus, new and exciting themes for our campers to explore every 2 weeks. 

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Camp Session
Sign-ups are by the week!

You can choose between half or full day enrollment. Extended day programs are also available from 3:30-5:00pm. You can also choose to transfer over to our Broadway Kids Camp program in the afternoon, making sets, props, and participating in our weekly shows (this program runs 5 days of the week) . Our Think Tank program is offered between 12:30-1:15 Monday-Thursday. Your child can master critical thinking skills through reading, mathematics, and the knowledge program. Both these programs can be added onto the morning camp session. We hope to see you this summer!

Our Activities

This summer, we are studying different nature themes. This will allow children to explore the city around them and learn a thing or two about nature despite living in an urban setting. Every two weeks we will introduce a new theme with activities to go along with that theme.

"Think Tank" is a one of a kind intelligence program for very young children pioneered and researched by Dawn Lesley Stewart over the past 20 years. This comprehensive online program has proven that we can teach reading, mathematics, and knowledge successfully to even the youngest of children. Using a child centered approach, the "Think Tank" program customizes the curriculum for each child in a small group setting. This program includes small group instruction (3x per week) and weekly lesson plans. By following a simple daily program in a relaxed and loving environment, you will enable your child to experience the joy of learning. We can't wait to meet all of our #tankers!

*To Add Think Tank to your child's program is an extra $30*

Field Trips

Accompanied by our counselors, upper campers (6-12) get to explore art museums, park activities, and local attractions in the West Village, Battery Park, and Chelsea.


Science Projects 

Fun and educational science projects are always happening at NYC Kids Camps. Along with our art projects, we will be introducing a new theme every two weeks to go along with our nature filled summer.

Broadway Kids Camps

Campers in this program get to create props, costumes, and participate in their own versions of popular musicals. Afternoon transfers to this program are available! (Ages 3-10)

Think Tank

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